Training Policy


         In order to respond to its strategic challenges to ensure a quality preschool for Moroccan early childhood, the FMPS has implemented a global and diverse training programme intended for all of its internal collaborators and external partners.

This training programme , initial and continuous,  focuses on field needs and targets the following goals:


·     Develop the professional practices of the participants, while providing them with an experienced methodology that allows them to exploit their acquired skills on the field quickly.

   ·    Promote creativity among participants through training  workshops. A choice that encourages participants and helps them develop their sense of creativity and innovation.

·     Create a field of exchange and sharing within the TAKWIN Center. This centre is a place of exchange, reflection and capitalization.

Throughout their training journeys, the FMPS team ensures putting to the benefit of  the participant, an innovative learning environment, which combines practice, simulation and sharing, and  provides them with a nearer supervision at several levels : experienced trainers (educators) and animators.