Our missions

Our missions

The FMPS aims to develop and set  up :

 - The pillars for the development of a quality preschool

 -  The preschool project engineering through the development and

 operationalization of win-win partnership

 - Put in place a financing engineering to ensure the sustainability of the preschool offer

 - Support and build capacity of actors contributing to preschool development. 

The Foundation's contributions mainly focus on :

  • The emergence of a system quality preschool;

Preparing a system labelling for promotion



  • To the state's expectations for focuses on rural and disadvantaged areas; 
  • Developing a private quality preschool ; 

  • Morocco's reputation  at the international level, in the preschool sector. 

The FMPS operates to ensure that every Moroccan child can benefit of a quality preschool education by 2030. Our vision is based on sharing the state's conviction of the importance of collective engagement of all industry stakeholders for obligation and generalization preschool education quality.