The mission of FMPS is to initiate, support, and finance any action aimed at developing and promoting preschool education.

Thus, in the context of the generalization of preschooling in Morocco, and to achieve the objectives of generalization, the FMPS plans to associate any partner wishing to get involved in this action.
The FMPS may:

  • State support to legal entities or individuals for running the construction, maintenance and management of the préschooling institutions.
  • Support  corporations under public or private status pursuing the above objectives within the framework of specifications or special convention.

In this context, the FMPS plans to partner with:

  • Private groups (acting in preschooling or not)
  • Associations. Since the preschool is invested today in large part by the associations, the FMPS wishes, through this partnership, to provide the tools in order to improve their actions.
  • Young entrepreneurs: The FMPS has a partnership with ANAPEC in order to promote internships in preschool sector.

Axes of partnership:

  • Human resources: training and assistance in the recruitment of the staff who will work in the pre-school units.
  • Education: to provide the staff of all educational resources and teaching materials to carry out the educational vision adopted by FMPS.
  • Equipment and infrastructure: to provide standards and list of equipment, assist partners in the development areas where our units are located.
  • System management and control: to provide partners both human and computer  material that will ensure an administrative and educational follow-up.