Objectives of the national project:

Establish a new educational preschool offer :

  • Generalized to all children 4-6 years
  • Responding to international standards
  • Access and equal quality wherever it is developed

Establishing a new préschooling systéme:

  • Numbers of children involved
  • Teaching methods
  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Governance

Phasing of the national project:

The proposed generalization of preschooling spread over two phases:

1- Pilote phase 2008-2012:


  • Initiate implementation of the national initiative
  • Establish the credibility of the project
  • Test and experiment with several options for generalization.

This pilot phase is available in two projects:

  • 100 schools to accommodate more than 9,000 children with the initiative of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social services for Education and Training.
  • 1 000 units of preschools in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Interior, INDH ,Social Development Agency, North and South Development Agencies …

2- Generalization phase:

In 2015 over 10 000 units of pre-schools will be established throughout the country to accommodate more than 600 000 children from 4 to 6 years.

FMPS'S Missions:

The Moroccan Foundation for the Promotion of preschool education (FMPS) is provided with adequate human and material resources to achieve the pilot phase, prepare the field for the generalization of the selected model in all of the Kingdom communities, and allow a high quality preschooling for a good part of Moroccan children.

The FMPS will be in charge of:

  • implementing and managing, on behalf of the Mohammed VI Foundation, the 100 preschools of the pilot impulse program;
  • establishing a network of 1,000 preschool units in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities;
  • preparing the generalization of the model on the national territory.

The Foundation will develop strategic agreements with public / private partners, which will deal with some aspects related to preschool business, implementation support and monitoring of the functioning of schools.

It will also deal on recruitment and training of the educational staff who will be assigned to schools.

Concerning our pédagogy, the focus will be set on stimulating the curiosity and creativity of children, their sense of exploration, general knowledge and vocabulary, learning civic and religious values, psychomotricity, body discovery and learning the rules of health and hygiene.

The skills will be developed under the five following areas:

  • Psychomotor development
  • Emotional and social development of the child
  • Language development
  • Intellectual development of the child
  • Development of  working methods

Teaching Staff :

Our teaching staff is composed of four main actors that carry our educational vision:

- Teachers: in the center of our schools. They are responsible for the transmission of the educational vision.
- Classroom assistants: having an important place in schools. They assist teachers in classroom management to provide a favorable learning environment to children.
- Teaching facilitators: guarantees of the implementation of the activities integrated to the FMPS educational project in preschools, and are involved in the dissemination of best practices.
- Directors of institutions: responsible for operational monitoring of schools : teaching and administrative aspects.

Profile of teachers :

Our teachers hold a Baccalaureate +3, complimented by training in early childhood, which involves multi-disciplinary trainers: academics in various fields related to education in early childhood, such as sociology and psychology of children, linguistics, in different areas.