About FMPS

The National Charter of Education and Training has made from the generalization of pre-school  a space for major renovation of the national education system. The crucial role of early childhood education is now established: the development of child personality and cognitive abilities, early initiation to basic civic values, reduction of school failure later instrument for the spread of the basic education and reducing inequality of opportunity.
In initiation from the Council of Higher Education, a study on the spread of preschooling in Morocco was made in 2007 to examine the issue and be aware of different possible solutions.
To this end, the MENESRSFC (Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Professional Training), Ministry of Interior and the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works for Education and Training, have agreed to pool their efforts to initiate  the development of this new national preschool system.
The aim is to generalize access to a national preschooling education and normed quality.
This new system will meet the Head Start standards of educational excellence, and will be accessible to all parents regardless of income and offer a high quality service, mentoring and teaching equally wherever it is located in the Kingdom. It could accommodate, by 2015, up 50% of children aged from 4 to 6 years (over 600 000 children).
Institutionally, the Moroccan Foundation for the promotion of preschooling education (FMPS) was created in order to give the project a good governance and every chance of success.